Mission Statement

Save the Date for the Bardathon!  March 28, 2014

Richmond Shakespeare and Henley Street Theatre will be producing the fifth  annual Bardathon, an international Shakespeare scene festival in which high school classes from Virginia and School 213 in St. Petersburg, Russia convene to collectively perform a Shakespeare play.  The Bardathon will be presented at Richmond CenterStage, and is sponsored by Richmond’s chapter of the English Speaking Union (ESU).

The play next season will be Hamlet.  During the preparatory phase, each school will choose one or two scenes that they will perform at Richmond CenterStage on March 28.  Each school will come up with their own concept, costume, and props for the scene-be creative!  We will come to each school to review its scene-in-progress and offer suggestions if needed. During this workshop, background for the play, play subtleties and textual focus can also be addressed. The workshop’s content will be adjusted to best meet each group’s needs.

All this is at no cost to you! The ESU sponsorship covers the cost of the workshop and the festival, including lunch. (Transportation and parking are not included).  If your school can not participate but wishes to receive the live video streaming, please contact Thomas at