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“O this learning; what a thing it is!”

Romeo & Juliet. Othello. Macbeth. The Merchant of Venice. Much Ado About Nothing. Twelfth Night. These plays are universally loved as some of the most enduring works of the English language…but what does it mean to teach Shakespeare? Our Education Department feels the understanding that Shakespeare’s plays were meant to be performed is necessary to fully appreciate his works. Our in-class workshops, residences and tutoring sessions can assist you in deepening this understanding for both you and your students.

Why do we offer these services to you in your classroom? According to a 2002 Arts Education Partnership Research Study sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Department of Education, students who were exposed to theatre in school “increased their social skills, their oral expressive language skills, and receptive language skills (acts of interpreting oral speech of others).”  Additionally, “…groups using creative drama achieved significantly higher scores on the Criterion-Referenced Test (CRT) than the traditional groups.”  (

Our Education Department offers many options to assist and support your classroom instruction.  

Sometimes a workshop during a single class period isn’t enough to accomplish your education goals. Richmond Shakespeare’s educational residencies are a highly-customizable way to provide for ongoing interaction between students and the company’s teaching artists. Typical residencies range from a single week to an entire school year, tailored to your school’s specific needs, everything from an extended offering of educational workshops, to free student attendance at school-hosted Richmond Shakespeare performances, to student internship opportunities with the company.

In addition, many students (and teachers) are intimidated by their first encounters with the works of William Shakespeare. The language may be odd and unfamiliar, the characters and their motivations difficult to understand, and the settings exotic; it’s no surprise that even the most enthusiastic learners may be disengaged by his work. Never fear! Richmond Shakespeare’s workshops deliver professional teaching artists into the classroom to reinforce and support teacher’s efforts. Designed to excite and engage students, these workshops are taught in the company’s fast-paced, interactive style. Workshops are available for any stage of study, whether students are preparing for the final exam or haven’t yet opened their texts.

Our in-class instruction can (and will) be customized to dovetail with your specific curriculum.

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